General Ability

Every general has a unique ability, which determines their role in the formation. In general, ability is categorized to these major categories:

  1. Extra Strike. The general will gain extra chances to do an attack/action when certain conditions are met.
  2. The general is good at protecting other generals from being hit by the enemy.
  3. Heavy Hit. The general’s attack damage is much higher than usual.
  4. The general able to increase his/her own or allies’ specific stats.
  5. The general is able to decrease enemy general stats with every normal attack.
  6. Status debuff. The general is able to inflict status debuff to the enemy after a normal attack.
  7. Status recovery/immunity. The general is able to cure/prevent allies from a specific status debuff.
  8. Their abilities are so unique that they do not fall under any of the above categories.


The ability of any general cannot be changed by any means. It is possible, however, to obtain a secondary ability if the general equipped an equipment which gives a secondary ability.