Upgrading your General

Even the strongest general is weak if he/she is not properly upgraded and levelled up. You can upgrade your generals by going to the generals list and press the upgrade button.






There are several ways to upgrade your generals:

  1. Level Up
    You can level up your generals by spending the experience you obtained from battle or Training Ground. Levelling up your generals will increase all of their stats (ATK, DEF, Troops). The stats growth per level is determined by the general’s attributes.
  1. Tactical Training
    You can give your generals tactical training by spending Leadership Scrolls you obtained in battle. Each level of Tactical training will increase the general’s number of Troops by 0.5%
  1. Star Upgrade
    If you get enough general shards, you can upgrade your general to a higher star level. Upgrading generals’ star level will greatly boost their stats, up to 35%. R generals start at Star Level 1, SR generals starts at level 2, while SSR generals starts at level 3. All of them can be upgraded to Star Level 6.
Star LevelStats Bonus


  1. Enlightenment
    Not yet released
  1. Awakening
    Not yet released